Somewhere among Memories

This project was created because of my passion for nostalgic elements. The common feature of this collection is the old shelves that are as old as the houses which have embedded in them. Some of these shelves decorate houses. Some of them are places for putting pictures of loved ones of homeowners. Others are places for precious things. Unfortunately; nowadays, the life of shelves go to end earlier than old houses, because the reconstruction and interior renovation of houses sign their death order.

This collection seeks to preserve this element of old houses with photos because they will not designed and built in next years. Whatever we see is terrible growth in massive urban construction that will destroy old houses in the near future, too.
Also, these pictures in addition to acquaintance with the ancient sites of Tehran and other cities, can be significant in anthropology terms too.

Exhibition of This Collection

  • FreiRaum Eisenerz, Eisenerz, Austria -18 Sep, 2020 – …
  • Culture and art treasures, Yazd, Iran -26 Jan, 2019 – 01 Feb 2019
  • Rooberoo MAnsion Gallery, Tehran, Iran.  27 Oct, 2017 – 05 Nov 2017