It‘s Me / It’s Not Me

This collection narrates the presence of “woman-me-photographer” in private and social life.
In this collection, woman-me-photographer has been encountered with this challenge : How much the audience is allowed to face “woman-me-photographer” in such a explicit way?

Since the narrator has lived based on current custom and teachings of the world around her for many years, she has tried to separate her real self and personal life from social and occupational life and hide it from others.

In these pictures, we are facing a fixed subject (woman-me-photographer) in different covering and clothing. It is as if we are dealing with different layers of a subject, all of which represent diversity, maybe express “woman-me-photographer” or not.

In this collection, as we get closer to the more social dimensions and ultimately to more approved presence of subject in society, the narrator declares boldly and willingly her presence to the audience.

A part of this series has been shown in “We Together” – photography and video exhibition-  which was curated by Maryam Mohammadi.

Exhibition of This Collection

  • We Together Exe, Gallery, Graz, Austria.  10. Nov 2016 – 18 Dec 2016