I am What I Consume

Modern human is constantly surrounded by consumerism on the one hand and the media’s influential advertisement on the other. Deceptive promotion that create false needs, increasingly pushes man toward further consumerism. The crucial point here is the way human beings behave, “selectively or passively”, when confronted with this torrent of consumerism.

I consider the range of food and foodstuff available similar to the diversity and variety of contemplation- food for the mind and soul.
As selective creatures, how much of one’s conscious thoughts and data is scrutinized and sorted by the mind?
How much of our mental activity is superfluous and useless?
How does the deviation or conformity of our mental activity affect our moods, personality and individuality?

One should be aware of haphazard & sloppy encounters with such contradictory matters, whether unspoiled or corrupt, which may create mental disorder or confusion for the mind and affect individuality.

Exhibition of This Collection

  • Platform 3 Gallery, Tehran, Iran -28 Jan, 2020- 07 Feb 2020