Alltag (Daily Life)

The “َAlltag / Daily Life” photo exhibition is based on the seven Iranian photographers was held in the Graz city, Austria.

Maryam Mohammadi is the curator of the exhibition and her works exhibited alongside the works of Sarah Sasani, Azam Shadpour, Samane Gholamnejad, Nazli Abbaspour, Maryam Majd and Mahnaz Minavand.
In this exhibition, seven Iranian photographers showed very individual definitions of everyday life in Iran and how it is dealt with

Artists of the exhibition did to everyday life and issues related to the concept of routine. The main feature of this exhibition is that, despite the centrality of the theme, the exhibition features a range of documentary photographs to staged photos, and the various aspects of the complex concept of the today world were depicted in these works. In doing so, they invite the viewer to immerse themselves in their emotional state.
Whole artists in this group exhibition, who grew up in Iran have created new works especially for this exhibition, which will be presented for the first time at the Afro-Asian Institute. The exhibitors
“Everyday life” enables personal insights into different facets of Iranian society from a female perspective.
In this project I tried to know the idea and feeling of my friends and colleagues about the concept of daily and routine life.
All of them work in a Automaker Factory in Iran who have to work 7 am to 4 or 6 pm. in other words their work and lifestyle of is routine.

Exhibition of This Collection

  • Afro Institute of the Asian Studies, Graz, Austria.  13 Mar, 2019 – 25 Apr 2019